Add color to your next running event!

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The Color Run Paint™ that we offer is a non-toxic, water-based fluorescent ultraviolet reactive paint (UV Glow paint). While there are other sizes/colors that could be available for OEM orders, for all intents and purposes the product you'll most likely need comes in 2 sizes; 5-gallon pails and 16oz bottles. Your selection will depend on if your run is controlled by stations of people shooting the paint or if you are going to have runner participation. The 5-gallon pails are used over 90% of the time to stage these stations and we highly recommend them. However, for crowd and or runner participation, some event planners like our 16 bottles which come in case packs of 12 bottles per color and 48pcs per case. They are great to use as a Charitable or for Profit upsell. (Those who donate a certain amount can participate).

You'll want to select the appropriate size and quantity depending on the size of your event or run. Using the math that you would want 8oz of our event paint on every runner we estimate that 8oz of Color Run Paint™ will go on the runner while 8oz of will likely fall to the ground, therefore we recommend for every 500 people using 50 gallons of paint. (10 units of 5-gallon pails). However, if you are using 16oz bottles the standard recommended quantity is one bottle per person. Read more about our recommendation on our (5K color run info page)

Our Color Run Paint™ products come in neon green, red, blue, orange, purple, yellow, and pink. Using the full array of colors, you're sure to get everyone looking like a rainbow and having the best time that they could possibly have.

If you want a specific quote for all of your needs, it is best to contact us via email as we like to help you the best we can based on your needs and budget. The more we know about what you are doing, the better we can help you with your Neon Run, Glow Run, 5K run, Fun Run, Charity Run, Splash Run, or other.

Washable Color Run Paint™ - 16 ounce16 oz color run paintWashable Color Run Paint™ - 5 Gallon5 Gal Color Run Paint