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Here are some frequently asked questions that may help answer some of your questions. If you still don't have your answers after reading, please contact us by email and we'll be glad to help you.

Q: Is the paint safe?

A. Yes our washable color run paints are water based and non-toxic paints were designed to be safe on the skin and hair. They are also safe for the environment and have been used on sensitive areas such as golf courses and beaches. They have passed ASTMD-4236 safety standards.

Q: Will the paint stain?

A. Our Color Run Paint™ is one of the most washable paints on the planet which is why it is used worldwide for this purpose. Howevr, it can still leave very mild residue stains on White Porous Surfaces (such as many white T-shirts and brand new cement with the white powdered coating on). If you are not using on brand new unsealed concrete, there is very little to be concerned about. Nonetheless, we always recommend doing a small test pattern in a very unnoticeable area of the surface in question before your events just to be safe. Then protect accordingly with plastic or other methods if necessary but but for most 5 k fun runs there is never an issue of any kind. Feel free to request a sample to test. Click here to (Contact Color Run Paint™)

Q: Can the paint be diluted?

A. Yes, you may dilute to your likeness, however we recommend diluting just before usage and using up whatever paint you dilute within a week or two.

Q: How soon will the paint ship after I order?

A. The paint will usually ship within 48 hrs unless we are out of stock. Then it can take 7-10 business days to ship. If your situation is urgent, please email us before ordering to check lead times.

Q: How much does the paint cost?

A. Check out our store for pricing on all of our products.

Q: How much is the shipping cost?

A. It depends on how much paint you purchase but please put what you wish to buy in the shopping cart, add your shipping address, and let the FedEX calculator show you what the shipping costs are.

Q: What colors are available?

A. The colors available are, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue, neon orange, neon pink, and neon violet.

Q: Are the paints UV reactive?

A. Yes, all of our fluorescent neon paints are UV reactive and will glow bright under proper Ultraviolet Light or Blacklight.

Q: What are the minimum paint orders?

A. One unit of any of the products listed in our stores.

Washable Color Run Paint™ - 16 ounce16 oz color run paintWashable Color Run Paint™ - 5 Gallon5 Gal Color Run Paint